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YOUTH Pass Box / Pass-Through for Cleanroom

What is Pass-Box for Cleanroom?

A pass-box (or pass-through) for a cleanroom is a device that allows materials to be transferred into or out of the controlled environment without compromising its cleanliness. Cleanrooms are used in various industries, especially in pharmaceutical, biotech, and semiconductor manufacturing, where maintaining a contaminant-free environment is crucial.

Here’s how a pass-box works and its features:

Design: It’s essentially a box with doors on both sides. One door opens to the cleanroom, and the other opens to a non-cleanroom environment.

Interlock System: To prevent both doors from being opened simultaneously (which would compromise the cleanroom’s environment), most pass-boxes have an interlock system. This means when one door is open, the other remains locked.

Construction: They are typically made of stainless steel or other non-particle-shedding materials to ensure cleanliness.

UV Light: Some pass-boxes come equipped with ultraviolet (UV) lights to disinfect materials before they enter the cleanroom.

HEPA/ULPA Filters: To maintain cleanliness, some advanced pass-boxes have built-in HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) or ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filters that clean the air inside the box.

Operation: When materials need to be transferred into the cleanroom, they are first placed in the pass-box from the outside. After closing the external door, the materials can be disinfected (if the box has a UV light). Once ready, the internal door can be opened from the cleanroom side to retrieve the materials.

Types: There are different types of pass-boxes, including static pass-boxes (which don’t have any air filtration) and dynamic pass-boxes (which have air filtration and sometimes maintain a positive pressure to prevent contaminants from entering).

Using a pass-box helps in reducing the traffic in and out of the cleanroom, which can introduce contaminants. It’s an essential tool for maintaining the integrity of a cleanroom environment.

What is the VHP Pass Box?

The VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) Pass Box is a pivotal device in the pharmaceutical industry for the transfer of items in a controlled environment. It is especially vital in places where there’s a necessity to prevent cross-contamination, such as in aseptic production areas and high-purity labs.

The application of “vhp in pharmaceutical” processes via the VHP Pass Box presents numerous advantages:

  1. Efficient Disinfection: Offering rapid and comprehensive disinfection utilizing VHP, ensuring minimal transfer delays.
  2. Reliability: The adoption of “vhp in pharmaceutical” procedures underscores the proven efficiency and safety of Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide as a disinfectant, tailored specifically for stringent pharmaceutical standards.
  3. Space-saving Design: The VHP Pass Box’s compact nature facilitates installations even in spatially constrained environments.

The VHP Pass Box epitomizes the importance and effectiveness of “VHP in pharmaceutical industry” practices, safeguarding both product quality and safety throughout the production spectrum.

Static Pass Boxes

Static pass boxes are a viable choice for cleanrooms where the demand for contamination control is stringent. They are engineered to allow the transfer of materials without any airflow, making them a suitable fit for maintaining a steady cleanroom state.

Dynamic Pass Boxes

On the flip side, dynamic pass boxes incorporate a mechanism of airflow filtration. They are indispensable for transferring materials between controlled and uncontrolled environments, ensuring a continuous flow of filtered air to combat contamination.

Customized Pass Boxes by YOUTH

At YOUTH, we acknowledge the varying needs of cleanrooms across different industries. Our bespoke pass box solutions are tailored to cater to your specific requirements, whether it’s dimensions, material, or additional features like UV lamps and electronic/mechanical interlocks.

In the meticulous realm of cleanroom operations, the conventional one-size-fits-all approach falls significantly short in meeting the diverse and stringent requirements posed by different industries. At YOUTH, we transcend this limitation by offering bespoke pass box solutions, meticulously engineered to align with the unique operational dynamics of your cleanroom. Our ethos revolves around crafting tailored solutions that not only adhere to the industry standards but elevate the efficiency and safety of your cleanroom operations.

Unveiling the Customization Spectrum at YOUTH:


Dimensional Precision:

Understanding that every cleanroom has its distinct layout and spatial constraints, we offer pass boxes in a myriad of dimensions, ensuring a seamless fit into your operational setup. The dimensional accuracy aids in optimizing the flow of materials, minimizing any potential risks of contamination during the transfer process.

Material Excellence:

At YOUTH, the material integrity of our pass boxes is non-negotiable. Depending on the specific demands of your cleanroom environment, we provide pass boxes constructed from premium-grade 304 or 316 stainless steel or other materials as per your requirements, delivering a blend of durability and ease of maintenance.

Advanced Feature Integration:

Our customization extends beyond the basic structure to integrating advanced features that enhance the functionality and safety of the pass boxes. Options like UV lamps for sterilization, electronic or mechanical interlocking systems, and HEPA/ULPA filtration ensure an added layer of protection against contamination, making the transfer process foolproof.

Industry-Specific Customizations:

Whether you operate in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or food processing sector, we tailor the features of our pass boxes to meet the specific regulatory and operational demands of your industry, ensuring compliance and enhanced operational efficacy.

The YOUTH Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction:

Our journey with you goes beyond merely providing a product. We engage in a consultative approach, understanding your needs, and crafting solutions that add tangible value to your cleanroom operations. Our seasoned team is at your disposal, ensuring a smooth transition from the inquiry stage to installation and after-sales service.

Engage with Us:

Discover a world of tailored cleanroom pass box solutions at At YOUTH, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence, one customized pass box at a time. Our objective is not just to meet your expectations but to surpass them, establishing a long-term partnership in your journey towards achieving cleanroom operational excellence.

Why Choose YOUTH?

  • Expertise: With an extensive background in SEO optimization, we at YOUTH, ensure our website is structured to provide a user-friendly experience, making it easier for our clients to find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Quality Assurance: Our pass boxes are crafted following the highest standards of quality, ensuring robustness, longevity, and impeccable performance.

  • Customization: We excel in providing customized solutions, aligning perfectly with your cleanroom operational needs.

  • Excellent Service: Our seasoned team is committed to offering unmatched service and competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Delve deeper into our extensive range of cleanroom pass boxes by visiting At YOUTH, we are dedicated to furnishing your controlled environments with top-notch equipment, aiding you in achieving unrivaled operational excellence.

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