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Cleanroom Air Filter

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What are the Cleanroom Air Filters?

Cleanroom air filters are intended for use in controlled conditions such as cleanrooms, where air quality is crucial. These filters are used to remove impurities and particles from the air in order to maintain a clean and sanitary atmosphere. They typically have a high efficiency rate and can collect tiny particles such as bacteria and viruses. Cleanroom air filters are utilized in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and food processing. They can be composed of a range of materials, such as fiberglass, synthetic media, or metal, and are normally classed according to the size of particles they can catch.

High-Efficiency Air Filter

A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is an air filter designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. These filters consist of a fine fiber mesh that traps tiny particles and prevents them from entering the cleanroom. They are commonly used in cleanrooms, hospitals and laboratories, and a variety of other applications where the removal of small particles is critical.

HEPA filters are made from a variety of materials, including fiberglass, synthetic fibers, and pleated media, and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different types of air filtration systems. They are more expensive and require more maintenance than other types of air filters, but they are very effective at removing small particles and maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

HEPA filters work by using a combination of mechanical and electrostatic forces to trap particles as they pass through the filter media. The fibers in the filter media are arranged in a pattern that creates a tortuous path for air to pass through, which helps the filter to capture particles and prevent them from clogging the filter too quickly.

In addition to their use in cleanrooms and other controlled environments, HEPA filters are commonly used in air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and other types of air filtration systems to remove small particles from the air. They are an important tool in maintaining a high level of indoor air quality and preventing negative health effects of airborne particles.

High-Efficiency Air Filter

2. Gel Seal HEPA/ULPA Air Filter

What is a Gel-Seal HEPA/ULPA Air Filter? Ge-Seal HEPA/ULPA filters are a type of HEPA/ULPA filter that has been designed to

High-Efficiency Air Filter

4. V-Bank HEPA Air Filter

What is a Cleanroom V-Bank HEPA Air Filter? A Cleanroom V-Bank HEPA Air Filter is a high-efficiency air filter that is

High-Efficiency Air Filter

5. High-Temp. HEPA Air Filter

What is Cleanroom High-Temperature HEPA Air Filter? Cleanroom High-Temperature HEPA air filter is a type of air filter designed to remove

High-Efficiency Air Filter

6. Separator HEPA Air Filter

What is a Cleanroom Separator Type HEPA Air Filter? A cleanroom separator type HEPA air filter is a high-efficiency particulate air

Medium-Efficiency air filters

Medium efficiency air filters (commonly referred to as MEAF) are used in cleanroom environments due to their ability to provide adequate air filtration.
These filters typically have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 7-13 and can remove particles 3-10 microns in size. Most commonly used in environments where higher air purity is required but HEPA filters may not be required or feasible due to operational constraints. In cleanroom applications, MEAF works by removing larger particles that can affect product quality, it is important to consider the particle size that needs to be removed, the pressure drop across the filter, and the cost-effectiveness of the filter. A professional cleanroom engineer or supplier can assist in making the right selection for a particular project.
In addition, it is important to consider the cleanroom class as different classes have different air quality requirements. To make the right choice for your cleanroom project, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the cleanroom, the type of operations being performed, and the level of air purity required.

Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

Bag or Pocket Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

What is a cleanroom bag&pocket medium-efficiency air filter? Cleanroom bag&pocket medium-efficiency air filters are specialized air filters designed for use in

Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

Panel Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

What is a cleanroom panel medium-efficiency air filter? A cleanroom panel medium-efficiency air filter is a type of air filter used

Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

Separator Type Medium Efficiency Air Filter

What is a Cleanroom Separator Medium-efficiency Air Filter? Cleanroom Separator Medium-efficiency Air Filters are designed to remove particulate matter from the

Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

V-Bank Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

What are cleanroom V-bank medium-efficiency air filters? Cleanroom V-bank medium-efficiency air filters are a type of air filter used in cleanroom

Pre-air filters

A pre-filter is a type of air filter used to remove bigger particles from the air before it enters the main air filter. Pre-filters are frequently used in air purifiers, HVAC systems, and industrial processes to prevent bigger particles from clogging the main filter, which can diminish its efficiency and increase the frequency of filter changes.

Pre-filters, which are often constructed of fiberglass or synthetic material, are intended to trap bigger particles such as dust, grime, and pet dander. They are typically less efficient than the primary filter at capturing smaller particles, but they are effective at extending the life of the main filter and lowering the overall cost of maintaining the air filtration system.

Pre-filters may be used in cleanrooms and other controlled environments to remove bigger particles from the air before it passes through the main air filter, which is often a HEPA or ULPA filter. Pre-filters can help to extend the life of the primary filter and minimize the frequency of filter changes, which is vital in these environments where cleanliness is essential.

Pre-Air Filter

Automatic Roller Shutter Filter

What is a Cleanroom Automatic Roller Shutter Pre Air Filter? A cleanroom automatic roller shutter pre air filter is a type

Pre-Air Filter

Bag & Pocket Pre Air Filter

What are Cleanroom Bag&Pocket pre air filter? Cleanroom Bag&Pocket pre air filter is a type of air filter that removes contaminants

Pre-Air Filter

Panel Pre Air Filter

What is the cleanroom panel Pre-Air Filter? Cleanroom panel pre-air filters are an essential component of any HVAC system, especially in

Youth's Feature of air filter

energy-saving and cost-reducing:

  1. We use imported folding machines to ensure that the folded HEPA filters are stiff, evenly spaced, and evenly sprayed with glue, resulting in a filter with minimal resistance. Compared to similar products on the market, our filters have a resistance that is at least 15% lower while maintaining the same level of efficiency.
  2. We source our raw materials from the same suppliers as the world’s leading filter brands and subject them to strict incoming inspection to ensure that the filter paper fibers are fine, evenly distributed, and resistant to oil and water. This results in a filter that provides uniform airflow and resistance.
  3. Our technical staff will select the most suitable filters according to the customer’s requirements for maximum lifespan, increasing the filter surface area to extend its usage, and matching the filter gradient to ensure the full function of each filter level. This reduces pipeline dust buildup, protects accessories such as the evaporator in air conditioning systems, and has a significant effect on reducing the frequency of filter replacement.
  4. We have complete testing capabilities, including MPPS testing machines and particle counters, to test the integrity of filters as required by customers. Every high-efficiency filter must undergo 100% testing before leaving the factory to ensure that efficiency, airflow, resistance, and leak-free performance are all qualified before shipment.
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