02. Static Pass Box / Transfer Hatches

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02. Static Pass Box / Transfer Hatches

Product Features

The static pass box, also called a transfer hatch, facilitates material transfer between a cleanroom and its surroundings while minimizing air disturbance. This is achieved through filters and air curtains, creating a barrier. Filters remove contaminants before entering the pass box, while air curtains block airflow.

Static pass boxes lack ventilation and aren’t for clean-to-non-clean room transfers. They feature double doors with interlocks to prevent contamination and UV germicidal lamps for added disinfection.
When choosing cleanroom equipment, consider usage and maintenance. Equipment and tools must be regularly inspected and maintained to preserve cleanliness and production quality. At Youth Tech, our equipment ensures easy maintenance, adhering to the highest cleanliness and quality standards.
If ventilation equipment is required, a dynamic pass box may be necessary. This equipment facilitates material transfer between a cleanroom and its surroundings using ventilation. Clean air flows into the pass box, preventing contaminants from entering. Dynamic pass boxes are used in industries like medical device manufacturing for controlled material transfer.

Working principle

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Multi-compartment Pass Box

The pass box is a supplementary purification equipment used in cleanrooms. It facilitates the transfer of small items between cleanrooms and non-clean areas, reducing the frequency of cleanroom door openings and minimizing contamination levels in the cleanroom or clean area. The pass box employs mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking mechanisms, ensuring that when one door is open, the other door cannot be opened.

Difference Between Dynamic Pass Box and Static Pass Box

FeatureDynamic pass boxStatic pass box
Cleanliness LevelClass AClass ABCD
Pressure Difference DisplayAvailableNot Available
Timer AlarmAvailableNot Available
Electronic InterlockAvailableAvailable
Illumination LightAvailableAvailable
UV LampAvailableAvailable
Main/Secondary Door SwapAvailableAvailable
UV Lamp Hour MeterAvailableAvailable

YOUTH-Tech Static Pass Box Feature

Static Pass Box
Interior Coving

At Youth Tech, our static pass boxes are designed to meet the requirements of ISO-14644/GMP, with a seamless and smooth internal design that is easy to clean and free of corners, bumps, and gaps. The doors are smooth and operate without bumps, and the pressure gauge allows for real-time monitoring of the filter. The UV lamp can be replaced based on usage, and the equipment is made of durable stainless steel.

Interior Coving
Mechanical Interlocking

Constructed from premium stainless steel 304 or 316L at least 1.2mm, welded and bent for durability.

Mechanical and electronic interlocks on doors prevent cross-contamination.

Double-layer 10mm tempered glass windows ensure safety.

Unitized arc corners eliminate welded seams and cracks.

UV germicidal lamps.

Audio alerts for long time opening door on one side prevent open-door hazards.

Sealing options include silicon strips or integrated frames, ensuring firm adhesion and optimal sealing.

Magnets embedded in both door and frame for enhanced seal and prevention of automatic opening during power loss.

Silicon Sealing Strip
Descending Sealing Strip

Built-in screws for proximity switches to reduce hygiene blind spots.

Quick, hassle-free installation.

Floor-standing pass box equipped with a 3~5mm stainless steel base plate and descending sealing strip.

Customization Plans for Pass Boxes

Door Options: Single Door, Double Swing Door

Transport Configurations: Straight In and Out, L-Shaped, Three-Sided Opening, Double or Multi-Layered

Interlock Mechanisms: Electronic Interlock, Mechanical Interlock

Disinfection Methods: UV Light, Ozone, or Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

What are the Benefits of Cleanroom Static Pass Boxes?

Contamination Control
Cleanroom static pass boxes play a crucial role in maintaining the desired cleanliness levels within controlled environments. By providing a sealed and controlled transfer point, these pass boxes minimize the risk of cross-contamination during material transfer.

Enhanced Safety
The integration of advanced safety features in cleanroom static pass boxes ensures the protection of both personnel and products. Features like interlocking doors, door sensors, and air pressure differentials prevent unauthorized access and minimize the escape of particulate matter.

Workflow Efficiency
Cleanroom static pass boxes streamline workflow processes by enabling a smooth and organized transfer of materials. With designated compartments for incoming and outgoing items, these pass boxes optimize material flow, reducing the chances of mix-ups or errors.

Versatility and Customization
YOUTH offers cleanroom static pass boxes that are highly versatile and can be tailored to meet specific industry requirements. From different sizes and configurations to the integration of additional features, these pass boxes can be customized to suit diverse applications.


Cleanroom static pass boxes provide contamination control, enhance safety, improve workflow efficiency, and offer versatility and customization options.

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, medical device manufacturing, and research laboratories can benefit from cleanroom static pass boxes.

Yes, YOUTH offers customization options for cleanroom static pass boxes to meet specific industry requirements, including size, material, and additional features.

Cleanroom static pass boxes often include interlocking doors, door sensors, and air pressure differentials to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access.

Cleanroom static pass boxes provide designated compartments for incoming and outgoing items, reducing the chances of mix-ups or errors during material transfer.

YOUTH ensures that their cleanroom static pass boxes comply with relevant regulations and guidelines, such as ISO standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

YOUTH offers comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, calibration, and technical support for cleanroom static pass boxes.

Yes, cleanroom static pass boxes can be customized with features such as air showers, UV disinfection, or interlocking mechanisms, based on specific requirements.

Cleanroom static pass boxes ensure that sensitive materials, such as samples, vials, or equipment, can be transferred between cleanroom areas without introducing contaminants. This helps maintain the sterility required in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring the integrity of the products.

In the semiconductor and electronics industries, cleanroom static pass boxes are crucial for transferring delicate electronic components, such as integrated circuits or precision instruments. These pass boxes create a controlled environment that prevents the introduction of particles or contaminants that could compromise the quality and functionality of electronic devices.

Cleanroom static pass boxes provide a controlled transfer point for components and equipment in medical device manufacturing. By preventing contamination during material transfer, these pass boxes help companies adhere to strict regulatory standards, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

Research laboratories require contamination-free zones for accurate scientific studies and experiments. Cleanroom static pass boxes enable the transfer of samples, reagents, and sensitive equipment while minimizing the risk of contamination. This preserves the integrity of research outcomes and ensures reliable data.

Yes, cleanroom static pass boxes have applications in various industries where contamination control is critical. Industries such as aerospace, food processing, nanotechnology, and automotive manufacturing can also benefit from the use of cleanroom static pass boxes.

Factors to consider include the specific size requirements of the cleanroom, material compatibility with the transferred items, airflow requirements, and compliance with industry regulations. It is essential to assess these factors to choose the most suitable cleanroom static pass box for your facility.

YOUTH manufactures their cleanroom static pass boxes to the highest industry standards using premium-grade materials. They implement stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the reliability and durability of their products.

YOUTH offers comprehensive after-sales support, including regular maintenance, calibration services, and technical assistance. They are dedicated to ensuring that their customers’ cleanroom static pass boxes remain in optimal condition for long-term performance.

Yes, YOUTH provides installation services and can assist in integrating cleanroom static pass boxes seamlessly into existing cleanroom environments. Their team of experts ensures proper installation and functionality of the pass boxes.

To discuss your cleanroom static pass box requirements or any other cleanroom solutions, you can contact YOUTH through their website or reach out to their customer support team via phone or email. They will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary information and guidance.



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