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04. HEPA Box / Terminal Diffuser / Terminal Housing

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04. HEPA Box / Terminal Diffuser / Terminal Housing

What is a Cleanroom HEPA Box?

Youth HEPA Box 66
Top View - Perforated Type
Youth HEPA Box 50
Center - Perforated
& Around - Louvers

A Cleanroom HEPA Box, also known as a HEPA filter housing or unit, is a device used in cleanroom environments to maintain high levels of air cleanliness. It houses a HEPA filter, which traps small particles with high efficiency.
Cleanroom HEPA Boxes are often used in conjunction with a cleanroom HVAC system. The boxes are installed in the ceiling or walls of the cleanroom, and they help to circulate the air, ensuring a consistent flow of filtered air throughout the controlled environment. The filtered air helps to maintain the required cleanliness level by removing contaminants that may be generated within the cleanroom or brought in from external sources.

YOUTH's Products VS Other's Products

Youth's Products Benefits

Tailored Solutions for Cleanroom Services in YOUTH

Youth utilizes a semi-automatic production line and employs bending technology instead of welding, which reduces the risk of leakage and lowers energy consumption while minimizing the number of welding seams. This production method is more environmentally friendly. All welding is completed by robots, resulting in high-quality product welding seams that are durable and long-lasting.

Youth HEPA Box 2 2 e1688560763466
Youth HEPA Box 3 3 e1688560791508
Youth HEPA Box 4 2 e1688560821713
Youth HEPA Box 5 3 e1688560847404
Youth Welding Processing 1
Welding for HEPA Box
Youth Welding Processing 3
Welding for HEPA Box

Material of Construction – MOC:

  • Steel painted with epoxy powder
  • Anodized extruded aluminum
  • Stainless steel AINSI 304 or 316L
  • Thermoformed ABS

Air duct Connection

  • Top: Top circular duct connection
  • Side: Side circular duct connection

Frame style

  • Stepped
  • Straight
1 e1688555949497
Stepped / Top

Multiple installation methods

  • Ducted Ceiling mounted
  • Direct placement on the framework
  • Embedding using L-shaped supports with screw clamps
2 e1688555781132
Straight / Side
Youth HEPA Box 8 2
Ducted Ceiling Mounted
Embedding Using L-Shaped Supports

Surface treatment – powder coating of HEPA Box:

  • Ensure the application of a consistent and compact coating on the steel plate surface to enhance its corrosion resistance and extend its lifespan.
  • Opt for coatings with high hardness and excellent resistance to wear, enabling effective protection against physical and chemical damage.
  • Offer a variety of coating colors and textures to meet customer preferences, concealing any imperfections or unevenness on the iron plate surface and delivering a clean and uniform aesthetic.

Surface treatment – Benefits of surface treatment for stainless steel HEPA Box:

  • Brushed grinding enhances the visual appeal and texture of stainless steel, resulting in increased gloss. Additionally, the treated surface is easier to clean. In case of scratches or wear, simple grinding can restore the stainless steel surface, reducing maintenance costs and efforts.
  • Micro-arc treatment on the four corners reduces sharp edges, promoting safety and minimizing the risk of accidental injuries.
  • Electrolytic treatment can be applied to enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, preventing the formation of oxide layers.
  • Stainless steel inherently possesses remarkable durability and oxidation resistance. By employing appropriate surface treatments, the service life of stainless steel can be further extended.

Customized Diffuser

Youth HEPA Box 3 1
Perforated Type
Youth HEPA Box 2
Perforated + Louvers
Youth HEPA Box 4
Swirl Type
Youth HEPA Box 301
Helical Flow With Deflectors
Youth HEPA Box 304
Radial Flow
Youth HEPA Box 306
Laminar Veil

Diffuser installation methods

  • Cover
  • Side screw
  • Embedded Flush Face
  • Magnetic screw-free
  • Spring clip
Youth HEPA Box Spring Clip
Spring Clip
4 e1688561348933
Magnetic screw-free

Matched filters type

Toolless filter clamping is 100% secured and immediate.

Filter replacement method:

  • From the bottom of the room
  • From the top/side in the interstitial space

Customized - Damper Type

Youth HEPA Box 11
Square Damper For HEPA Box
Youth HEPA Box 10 e1680231971553
Round Damper For HEPA Box
Youth Integrated adjustable HEPA Box Terminal Housing 110.pic
Gear Box - Integrated Damper

Return and adjustment damper

  • Duckbill-style
  • Actuator lever
  • Worm gearing

Location for adjusting damper

  • In the interstitial space
  • Inside the room

Youth possesses an independent manufacturing workshop spanning over 4000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 cleanrooms. We also provide OEM services to several international top brands. With such extensive facilities, Youth can produce high-quality cleanroom equipment, and our commitment to providing excellent services is unparalleled.

Youth HEPA Box Design scaled e1688554796605
Youth HEPA Box Design 1 scaled e1688554851346

At Youth, we specialize in designing cutting-edge cleanroom equipment tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced team of engineers and designers collaborates with you to create customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards. With our expertise, advanced technology, and comprehensive range of equipment, Youth’s Design Service ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your cleanroom operations. Contact us today to discuss your cleanroom equipment design needs and experience the difference of Youth’s innovative solutions.

Quality & Control

Air Velocity measurement: Measure sir velocity150mm-300mm from filter exhaust, average speed 1.0m/s.

Air volume measurement: Measure the total air supply using a wind hood at the filter or air diffuser.

Pressure testing: Test pressure at 750Pa for standard air supply, and 2500Pa for biological labs.

Leakage testing: Filter exhaust speed 1m/s & downstream PAO penetration rate <0.01%, photometer no alarms.

Environmental requirements: Isolate HEPA filter with suitable measures.

Cleaning: Use an air gun inside-out, then wipe the downstream pressure interface.

Welding requirements: Fully weld housing, 15mm length, 100mm spacing for discontinuous welding.

Safety requirements: Blunt or smooth sharp edges to prevent injuries.

How Does a Cleanroom HEPA Box Work?

A Cleanroom HEPA Box works by drawing in air from the surrounding environment and passing it through the HEPA filter contained within the box. The filter removes any airborne particles and microorganisms that are present in the air, leaving only clean, filtered air to be released back into the cleanroom environment. The box is designed to provide a laminar flow of air, which means that the air flows in a smooth, unidirectional manner, ensuring that there are no dead spots or areas where the air is stagnant.

How to choose the HEPA box for cleanroom?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleanroom HEPA Box:

When choosing a Cleanroom HEPA Box, several factors need to be considered. These include:

  • Airflow Rate: The airflow rate is the amount of air that can pass through the HEPA filter within a specified time. It is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic meters per hour (CMH). The airflow rate is an essential consideration because it determines the amount of clean air that can be delivered to the cleanroom environment.
  • Pressure Drop: Pressure drop refers to the resistance to airflow caused by the HEPA filter. The pressure drop is an essential consideration because it can affect the overall performance of the cleanroom environment. A high-pressure drop can lead to decreased airflow rates, which can negatively impact the effectiveness of the cleanroom.
  • Filter Efficiency: Filter efficiency refers to the ability of the HEPA filter to remove particles from the air. It is typically measured as a percentage of particles removed from the air. The filter efficiency is an essential consideration because it determines the level of air cleanliness that can be achieved.
  • Size and Dimension: The size and dimension of the Cleanroom HEPA Box are critical because it determines the amount of clean air that can be delivered to the cleanroom environment. The size and dimension of the Cleanroom HEPA Box need to be carefully considered based on the specific requirements of the cleanroom environment.
Youth Paiting Processing 2
Youth HEPA Box 88 e1688558771650

Maintenance and Cleaning of Cleanroom HEPA Boxes:

Regular maintenance and cleaning of Cleanroom HEPA Boxes are essential to ensure that they continue to function effectively. Maintenance typically involves checking the airflow rate, pressure drop, and filter efficiency to ensure that they are within acceptable limits.


 HEPA Size


Box Size


Flange Size

of Duct


Height of Box


Hole size


HB 500






HB 1000






HB 1500







What is a Cleanroom HEPA Box?

A Cleanroom HEPA Box is a specially designed housing or enclosure that contains a HEPA filter, which is designed to provide a uniform and laminar flow of filtered air in a cleanroom environment.

Why is a Cleanroom HEPA Box important in cleanroom environments?

A Cleanroom HEPA Box is important because it helps to ensure that the air entering the cleanroom is free of contaminants, preventing the spread of airborne particles and microorganisms that can cause contamination.

What are the types of Cleanroom HEPA Boxes available?

The types of Cleanroom HEPA Boxes available include wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and portable Cleanroom HEPA Boxes.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a Cleanroom HEPA Box?

The factors that need to be considered when choosing a Cleanroom HEPA Box include airflow rate, pressure drop, filter efficiency, and size and dimension.

How should Cleanroom HEPA Boxes be maintained and cleaned?

Cleanroom HEPA Boxes should be regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure that they continue to function effectively. Maintenance involves checking the airflow rate, pressure drop, and filter efficiency, while cleaning involves removing any dirt, dust, or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of the box or the HEPA filter.


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