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V-Bank Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

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V-Bank Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

The V-bank filter is a filter device specially developed for the filtration of intake, exhaust, and recirculation air in HVAC systems. The construction and normal operation of clean rooms place stringent demands on clean air quality and cost-effectiveness. The product form of the V-Bank can correspond to efficiency standards from M5 to H14. See here for V-Bank HEPA air filters of Class H standards.
Medium-efficiency V-bank filters can be used as pre- or main filter elements in environments with high airflow and/or when long service life is required.
The sturdy and corrosion-resistant plastic frame ensures that the used filter is easy to handle as it is completely flammable.

Type VS-M6 VS-F7 VS-F9
Class EN779 M6 F7 F9
Efficiency EN779 [%] 65 % 85 % 95 %
Initial-ΔP[Pa](A/B) 65 / 120 75 / 140 85 / 165
Rec. finalΔP 600 600 600
Max. temp. [°C] 65° 65° 65°

(E=efficiency N=V quantity)

Width Height  Depth Nominal airflow


V quantity
VS592592292-E (M6-F9) N5 592 592 292 3000 5
VS592592292-E (M6-F9) N4 490 592 292 2400 4
VS287592292-E (M6-F9) N4 287 592 292 1200 4

And the V-bank filter fits into the standard bag filter mounting frame, so the existing bag filter in the original clean room can be upgraded to the higher efficiency V-Bank air filter with a simple installation operation.
Full-size standard: 24″ x 24″ (WxH), 12″ deep
Frame (head frame) material: recycled plastic
Media: Fiberglass, Synthetic, or Fiberglass/Activated Carbon

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