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Gel Seal HEPA/ULPA Air Filter

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Gel Seal HEPA/ULPA Air Filter

A gel seal HEPA/ULPA air filter is a type of air filter that is designed for use in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and ULPA (Ultra-Low Particulate Air) filters are air filters that are able to remove 99.97% and 99.999% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger in size, respectively. They are commonly used in cleanrooms and other controlled environments, where they are used to remove particles and contaminants from the air in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness.
Gel seal HEPA/ULPA air filters are made by enclosing the filter media within a metal or plastic frame, which is then sealed with a gel seal. The gel seal is a flexible, silicone-based material that is able to form a tight seal around the filter media, in order to prevent air leakage. This design allows the filter to remove particles and contaminants from the air while still allowing air to flow through the filter.
This type of air filter has two structures: side seal type and top seal type. Gel seal HEPA/ULPA air filters are commonly used in cleanrooms and other controlled environments where it is important to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Gel-Seal HEPA Filter is an ideal end-stage filter for the pharmaceutical industry, industrial clean room, and biological clean room, and an ideal matching filter for other purification equipment. When choosing a gel seal HEPA/ULPA air filter, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your cleanroom, such as the size and shape of the cleanroom, the level of cleanliness required, and the types of hazardous materials that will be used. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can determine the right gel seal HEPA/ULPA air filter for your needs.
Instructions for customization: The filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, separated by hot melt adhesive; since the air outlet surface of the filter is flanged, the dimensions of the air inlet surface and the air outlet surface are inconsistent. The customer needs to provide the size of the inlet and outlet when ordering.

Model (E=efficiency)WidthHeight DepthNominal airflow [m³/h]
MP41041093-E (E11-U17)41041093500
MP55055093-E (E11-U17)550550931000
MP65065093-E (E11-U17)650650931500
MP106055093-E (E11-U17)1060550932000
MP370370104-E (E11-U17)370370104500
MP510510104-E (E11-U17)5105101041000
MP610610104-E (E11-U17)6106101041500
MP1020510104-E (E11-U17)10205101042000
Model (E=efficiency)WidthHeight DepthNominal airflow [m³/h]
MP61061069-E (E11-U17)610610691000
MP122061069-E (E11-U17)1220610692000
MP117057070-E (E11-U17)1170570701100
MP117087070-E (E11-U17)1170870701750
MP1170117070-E (E11-U17)11701170702200

About Gel-Seal

Gel-Seal is a unique ice blue silicone specifically designed to create and maintain an airtight seal between a HEPA filter and its retaining frame or housing.
The gel has the self-healing properties of a liquid. And it can have extremely high stability in different working environments, and it is not easy to flow but maintains good sealing performance. The air filter with gel is assembled and cured in the factory, no special operation is required for installation and use, and it can be installed very easily.
At the same time, the Gel-Seal material makes installing and replacing the air filter incredibly easy. The material exhibits excellent adhesion properties to many surfaces while also being extremely self-adhesive. This allows it to separate cleanly from the blade or filter skirt.
The hydrophobicity of the Gel-Seal material enables long-term sealing, even in humid environments, giving the air filter stable performance.
These physical properties have stable product performance in extreme working environments at high or low temperatures. And continuous aging at high temperatures will not lose sealing performance.

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