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Panel Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

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Panel Medium-Efficiency Air Filter

Panel Medium-Efficiency Air Filter is mainly used for dust particle pollutants ≥1μm in the middle section of the clean room, and it is used for the high-efficiency filters in the middle and rear sections to filter out large particles of pollutants. Increase the filtration efficiency and service life of the middle and rear filters.
According to the different filtration performance requirements of the clean room, the filter media of the plate air filter can be multi-layer composite synthetic fiber cylindrical materials, synthetic fiber non-woven fabrics of different thicknesses, glass fiber cotton, etc.

Type: PF-G4 PF-M5
Class EN779 G4 M5
Efficiency against synthetic dust [%] 91% 97%
Initial-ΔP [Pa] 25 60
Recommended finalΔP [Pa] 250 400
Max. temp. [°C] 70° 70°


Dimensions [mm] Nominal airflow[m3/h]
Width Height  Depth
PF28759246-E (G4/M5) 287 592 46 1600
PF28759246-E (G4/M5) 592 592 46 3200
Customized Filters Type :150≤W≤1184,150≤H≤1184 and 10≤D≤292.

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