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01. CleanRoom Air Shower

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01. CleanRoom Air Shower

What is the cleanroom air shower?

A Cleanroom Air Shower is a self-contained chamber that uses high-velocity HEPA-filtered air to remove contaminants from personnel or goods entering or leaving a cleanroom. It functions by blowing compressed air onto the user or item, removing loose particles, and then filtering the air to capture the particles before it is recirculated.

Youth Air Shower’s Feature

YOUTH Air Shower 9 1
Air Shower with
Rolling Shutter Door
  • The operation of the system is fully automated, with electronically interlocked doors and a photoelectric sensor for added safety.
  • The inner wall plate, door, bottom plate, and nozzle are all constructed from durable stainless steel (SS304).
  • The air shower features a modular design that allows for easy assembly and transportation.
  • The air shower time is fully adjustable (0-999 seconds) and clearly displayed.
  • The system features a two-stage filtration system that includes primary and high-efficiency filters for optimal air purification.
  • The use of high-performance EVA sealing material ensures excellent sealing performance.
  • Only reliable electronic components from reputable, well-known brands are used in the system.
  • Optional rotating nozzles provide more thorough and efficient cleaning of personnel and equipment entering or exiting a cleanroom environment. By rotating, the nozzles can direct high-velocity streams of filtered air to all areas of the body, including those that are harder to reach with fixed nozzles, such as the back, shoulders, and legs. This ensures that any particles or contaminants on the surface of the person or object are effectively removed before entering the cleanroom.
  • Optional antistatic nozzles in an air shower can help to reduce the buildup of static electricity on personnel and equipment entering or exiting the cleanroom. Static electricity can attract and hold particles, which can compromise the cleanliness of the cleanroom and pose a risk to sensitive products and processes. By using antistatic nozzles in an air shower, the static charge on the person or object can be neutralized, preventing the attraction of particles and reducing the risk of contamination. This can help to improve product quality and safety, while also ensuring that the cleanroom environment is maintained at the highest levels of cleanliness and sterility.

Importance of Cleanroom Air Showers

Cleanroom Air Showers are crucial in ensuring a contamination-free environment within a cleanroom. It serves as an essential component of the personnel and goods entry and exit process, removing any contaminants that may be carried by people or goods before they enter the cleanroom. Failure to have Cleanroom Air Showers in place can lead to product contamination, which can result in costly recalls, product waste, and damaged reputation.

YOUTH Air Shower 1 1
Single Person Air Shower
Youth Cleanroom Shower 7
Epoxy-coated Air Shower Tunnel

Cleanroom Air Shower Type

Single-Person, Multi-Person, Goods, Pass-Through and Tunnel air shower

  1. Single-Person: Cleans individuals before entering.
  2. Multi-Person: Cleans multiple people at once.
  3. Goods: Cleans materials and products.
  4. Pass-Through: Let items move between controlled areas while staying clean.
  5. Tunnel: Cleans large carts of items before entry.
YOUTH Air Shower 5 1
Single Person Air Shower
YOUTH Air Shower 3 1
Air Shower Tunnel with Rolling Door

Different Configurations

Blower: High-power fan, 380V 50Hz.
Door: Single Door, Rolling door, Automatic Sliding Doors, Double Swing Door.
Controller: Microcontroller, PLC.
Direction: Straight In and Out, L-Shaped, Three-Sided Opening.
Interlock Mechanisms: Electronic Interlock.
Explosion Protection: Choice of Explosion-Proof and Non-Explosion-Proof Models.

Single Person Air Shower (Siemens PLC)
Single Person Air Shower
with Siemens PLC
Air Shower Tunnel with Rolling Shutter Door
Air Shower Tunnel
with Rolling Shutter Door

Cleanroom Air Shower Maintenance

Youth Air Shower 9 2
Air Shower Tunnel with Rolling Shutter Door

Filter Replacement – Regular filter replacement is necessary to ensure that Cleanroom Air Showers continue to function effectively in removing contaminants. Filters should be replaced at the recommended intervals to ensure that they remain effective in capturing contaminants.

Door Maintenance – The interlocked doors of Cleanroom Air Showers should be regularly maintained to ensure that they function effectively. This includes checking the seals and hinges and replacing any damaged parts.

What is the different between a cleanroom air shower, a mist shower, and a water shower?

Cleanroom Air Shower, Mist Shower, and Water Shower are all designed to remove contaminants from individuals or items before they enter controlled environments. However, they differ in their mechanisms and the extent to which they clean: 

Air Shower: This is a common type used in cleanrooms and similar controlled spaces. It blows high-velocity, filtered air from nozzles to dislodge and remove particles from people or objects. It’s effective for removing surface particles and preventing them from entering the cleanroom.

Mist Shower: A mist shower releases a fine mist or spray of water mixed with disinfectants or cleaning agents. The mist settles on surfaces and particles, helping to remove and neutralize contaminants. Mist showers can be useful for areas where thorough surface decontamination is essential.

Water Shower: A water shower involves rinsing individuals or objects with water jets. While it can physically remove larger particles and some contaminants, it might not be as effective as an air shower for fine particles. Water showers are often used in situations where direct contact with water won’t harm items, such as equipment or tools.

Each type has its advantages and limitations. Cleanroom air showers are effective for removing loose particles, mist showers provide thorough surface decontamination, and water showers are suitable when direct water contact is permissible. The choice depends on the cleanliness standards of the environment and the specific decontamination requirements.


A personnel air shower is designed to remove contaminants from individuals entering or leaving the cleanroom, while a goods air shower is designed to remove contaminants from materials, equipment, or products entering or leaving the cleanroom.

A Cleanroom Air Shower works by blowing high-velocity HEPA-filtered air onto personnel or goods entering or leaving the cleanroom, effectively removing contaminants.

Filters in Cleanroom Air Showers should be replaced at recommended intervals to ensure that they remain effective in capturing contaminants. The frequency of filter replacement depends on the usage and the level of contamination in the cleanroom.

Yes, Cleanroom Air Showers can be customized to meet specific requirements. YOUTH offers a complete set of Cleanroom Solutions that includes customized Cleanroom Air Showers to meet specific needs.

The decision on whether to install a personnel air shower or a goods air shower depends on the nature of the materials, equipment, or products entering or leaving the cleanroom. A YOUTH Cleanroom Solution expert can help determine the appropriate type of air shower for your specific needs.

The airflow rate in Cleanroom Air Showers varies depending on the size and type of air shower. Typically, the airflow rate is between 20-25 meters per second.

Yes, Cleanroom Air Showers can be used in conjunction with other cleanroom equipment such as pass-throughs, airlocks, and laminar flow hoods to maintain a sterile environment.

The decontamination time in a Cleanroom Air Shower depends on the size of the air shower, the airflow rate, and the level of contamination. Typically, decontamination time ranges from 20-30 seconds.

The space required to install a Cleanroom Air Shower varies depending on the size of the air shower. YOUTH Cleanroom Solution experts can help determine the appropriate space requirements for your specific needs.

Yes, Cleanroom Air Showers can be used in cleanrooms of all classes. YOUTH Cleanroom Solutions provide Cleanroom Air Showers that meet the standards of different cleanroom classes.

Regular maintenance for Cleanroom Air Showers is essential in ensuring their continued effectiveness in controlling contamination. YOUTH recommends scheduling maintenance every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Yes, Cleanroom Air Showers can help save costs by reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance of the cleanroom. Preventing contaminants from entering the cleanroom, it reduces the risk of product defects and costly recalls. Additionally, the improved efficiency in the production process leads to cost savings.



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