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04. HEPA Housing Box

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HEPA Box Housing

04. HEPA Housing Box

What is a Cleanroom HEPA Housing Box?

A cleanroom HEPA Box, also known as a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter box, diffuser, terminal filtration box, or ducted ceiling module, is a type of air filtering equipment designed for use in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Its primary purpose is to remove particulate contaminants from the air to maintain the required level of cleanliness within the cleanroom.

Top View
- Perforated Type
HEPA Box made of Steel Painted with Epoxy Powder
Center View
- Perforated & Around - Louvers

Key components of a cleanroom HEPA Box typically include:

  1. HEPA filter: This is the core component that captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring high air purity.
  2. Housing or casing: A durable enclosure that supports and protects the HEPA filter and ensures leak-free operation.
  3. Diffuser plate or grille: It evenly distributes the filtered air into the cleanroom, minimizes turbulent airflow, and can help maintain laminar flow.
  4. Duct connections: For connecting the HEPA Box to the existing HVAC system to guide the air through the filter.
  5. Gel Seal or Gasket: Ensures a tight seal between the HEPA filter and the housing to prevent bypass and potential contamination.
A cleanroom HEPA Box can be ceiling-mounted directly in a cleanroom’s grid system or connected to ductwork, depending on the design and requirements of the facility. By using a HEPA Box, industries like semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and aerospace can maintain the contamination control necessary for their high-precision processes.

YOUTH's Products VS Other's Products

Youth's Products Benefits

YOUTH HEPA Housing Box Customized Solutions

Youth utilizes a semi-automatic production line and employs bending technology instead of welding, which reduces the risk of leakage and lowers energy consumption while minimizing the number of welding seams. This production method is more environmentally friendly. All welding is completed by robots, resulting in high-quality product welding seams that are durable and long-lasting.

Different Material & Surface Treatment of HEPA Box

HEPA Box made of Steel Painted with Epoxy Powder
Steel Painted
with Epoxy Powder
HEPA Box made of Stainless Steel AINSI 304 or 316L
Stainless Steel
AINSI 304 or 316L
  • Epoxy powder-coated steel: Epoxy powder-coated steel is durable and its surface is very wear-resistant. It is mostly used for surface treatment of outdoor curtain walls. It is very suitable for industrial purposes and environments that require frequent cleaning.
  • Anodized Extruded Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for complex structures and environmentally friendly.
  • Stainless Steel AINSI 304 or 316L: 304 stainless steel is versatile and widely used due to its corrosion resistance, while 316L stainless steel is preferred in harsher environments due to its higher resistance to chloride corrosion, but costs more than epoxy Powder coated steel as well as extruded aluminum.
  • Thermoformed ABS: Lightweight and durable, this strong and versatile plastic is suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive parts to medical equipment, but is temperature sensitive and not suitable for use in high-temperature environments.

Different Frame Style of HEPA Box

Straight Frame Style
of HEPA Box
Stepped Frame Style
of HEPA Box

Different Installation Methods (Air Duct Connection) of HEPA Box

Straight Frame & Side Duct Connection of HEPA Box
Straight Frame & Side Duct Connection
of HEPA Box
Stepped Frame & Top Duct Connection of HEPA Box
Stepped Frame & Top Duct Connection
of HEPA Box
Ducted Ceiling Mounted
Embedding Using L-Shaped Supports
Welding for HEPA Housing Box

Multiple installation methods

  • Ducted Ceiling mounted
  • Direct placement on the framework
  • Embedding using L-shaped supports with screw clamps

Surface treatment – powder coating of HEPA Housing Box:

  • Ensure the application of a consistent and compact coating on the steel plate surface to enhance its corrosion resistance and extend its lifespan.
  • Opt for coatings with high hardness and excellent resistance to wear, enabling effective protection against physical and chemical damage.
  • Offer a variety of coating colors and textures to meet customer preferences, concealing any imperfections or unevenness on the iron plate surface and delivering a clean and uniform aesthetic.

Surface treatment – Benefits of surface treatment for stainless steel HEPA Housing Box:

  • Brushed grinding enhances the visual appeal and texture of stainless steel, resulting in increased gloss. Additionally, the treated surface is easier to clean. In case of scratches or wear, simple grinding can restore the stainless steel surface, reducing maintenance costs and efforts.
  • Micro-arc treatment on the four corners reduces sharp edges, promoting safety and minimizing the risk of accidental injuries.
  • Electrolytic treatment can be applied to enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, preventing the formation of oxide layers.
  • Stainless steel inherently possesses remarkable durability and oxidation resistance. By employing appropriate surface treatments, the service life of stainless steel can be further extended.

Different Terminal Diffuser Types of HEPA Housing Box

Perforated Type
Perforated + Louvers
Swirl Type
Helical Flow With Deflectors
Radial Flow
Laminar Veil

Different Installation Methods of HEPA Housing Box Terminal Diffuser

  • Covering method: This installation method neatly wraps the HEPA filter housing by covering the surface with a larger area than the box. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, but if the method is used improperly, there is a risk of deformation.
  • Side Screw Mounting Method: The side screw mounting method is a sturdy and simple method that uses screws on the side of the housing to hold the diffuser in place. This method is accurate and reliable, but there are many steps for disassembly and assembly, and it is necessary to reserve screw disassembly and assembly positions during installation.
  • Recessed Flush Method: For a seamless and clean look, the recessed flush method allows the diffuser face to be flush with the ceiling or wall. This is a very beautiful installation method, which requires higher manufacturing technology and is easy to disassemble and assemble.
  • Magnetic screw-free installation: Magnetic screw-free installation has a stylish, modern appearance and allows tool-free installation. Magnets are used to hold the diffuser in place, allowing it to be quickly installed or removed for maintenance without the need for screws, ensuring a beautiful appearance and easy disassembly and assembly while avoiding the risk of contamination from using additional tools.
  • Spring Clamp Method: This method uses spring clamps to secure the diffuser to the housing box. This is a safe and often faster installation process, and can be easily removed for filter replacement or cleaning without the need for additional tools.
Spring Clip
Magnetic screw-free

Different HEPA/ULPA Filter Types of HEPA Housing Box

Different Damper Types of HEPA Housing Box

Square Damper of HEPA Housing Box
Square Damper
of HEPA Housing Box
Round Damper of HEPA Housing Box
Round Damper
of HEPA Housing Box
Gear Box - Integrated Damper of HEPA Housing Box
Gear Box - Integrated Damper
of HEPA Housing Box

YOUTH's Integrated Gear Box Design of HEPA Housing Box Damper

Gear Box - Integrated Damper of HEPA Housing Box
Gear Box - Integrated Damper
of HEPA Housing Box

Return and adjustment damper

  • Duckbill-style
  • Actuator lever
  • Worm gearing

Location for adjusting damper

  • In the interstitial space
  • Inside the room

YOUTH's R&D Capacity

YOUTH’s Terminal HEPA Filter Housing specializes in designing cutting-edge cleanroom equipment tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced team of engineers and designers collaborates with you to create customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards. With our expertise, advanced technology, and comprehensive range of equipment, Youth’s Design Service ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your cleanroom operations. Contact us today to discuss your cleanroom equipment design needs and experience the difference of Youth’s innovative solutions.


 HEPA Size


Box Size


Flange Size

of Duct


Height of Box


Hole size


HB 500






HB 1000






HB 1500







What is a Cleanroom HEPA Housing Box?

A Cleanroom HEPA Terminal Box is a specially designed housing or enclosure that contains a HEPA filter, which is designed to provide a uniform and laminar flow of filtered air in a cleanroom environment.

Why is a Cleanroom Terminal Filter Housing important in cleanroom environments?

A Cleanroom HEPA Terminal Box is important because it helps to ensure that the air entering the cleanroom is free of contaminants, preventing the spread of airborne particles and microorganisms that can cause contamination.

What are the types of Cleanroom HEPA Housing Boxes available?

The types of HEPA Boxes available include wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and portable HEPA Terminal Boxs.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a Cleanroom terminal HEPA filter housing?

The factors that need to be considered when choosing a HEPA Filter Housing include airflow rate, pressure drop, filter efficiency, and size and dimension.

How should Cleanroom HEPA Housing Boxes be maintained and cleaned?

Terminal Filter Housing should be regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure that they continue to function effectively. Maintenance involves checking the airflow rate, pressure drop, and filter efficiency, while cleaning involves removing any dirt, dust, or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of the box or the HEPA filter.


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