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Revolutionizing Cleanrooms: Affordable and Efficient Design and Construction

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Revolutionizing Cleanrooms: Affordable and Efficient Design and Construction

Cleanrooms have long been associated with cutting-edge technology and stringent environmental controls. However, what if we told you that achieving a clean environment for your manufacturing processes doesn’t have to break the bank? In this article, we unveil a cost-effective cleanroom design and construction method that caters to your specific needs without draining your budget.

Exploring the Realm of Low-Cost Clean Rooms

Understanding the Application Range:

  1. Laboratories and Analytical Spaces: Low-cost clean rooms are ideal for laboratories, analytical labs, and explosion rooms with a footprint of less than 100 square meters.
  2. Manufacturing Processes: They also find application in electronics, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical factories for select manufacturing processes.
  3. Size Limit: These clean rooms are suitable for areas of less than 600 square meters.
  4. Purification Level: Reliable purification levels of ISO Class 7 and below can be achieved.
  5. No Dust Generating Equipment: It’s important to note that these clean rooms do not accommodate dust-generating equipment.

Essential Equipment for Low-Cost Clean Rooms

  1. Air Shower Room: A crucial entry point for maintaining cleanliness.
  2. Pass Box: Facilitates the transfer of materials without compromising cleanliness.
  3. Fresh Air Purifier: Necessary for spaces with over five people working eight-hour shifts.
  4. Split Air Conditioner: The number of units depends on the clean room’s size and occupancy.
  5. Pressurized Air Cabinet: Choose high-efficiency or medium-efficiency cabinets based on room size and occupancy.
  6. HEPA Box: Required for larger spaces; optional for those under 100 square meters.
  7. Pre-filter: Can be integrated into the pressurized air cabinet or placed separately at the return air outlet.
  8. Purification Circulation Duct: Essential for maintaining air quality.

Materials and Configuration for Low-Cost Clean Rooms

  1. Flooring: Choose between ordinary anti-corrosion or anti-static flooring based on technical requirements and existing conditions.
  2. Walls: Dust-proof treatment for cement walls or, ideally, color steel plate partitions.
  3. Ceilings: Opt for aluminum alloy ceilings or a dust-proof top surface, depending on height and required purification levels.
  4. Split Air Conditioner with Medium-Efficiency: Some electronics facilities enhance performance by adding medium-efficiency cotton behind the return hood.
  5. Differential Pressure Control: Due to potential air tightness issues, increase air changes and maintain a pressure difference of over 6Pa between purification and non-purification zones and over 12Pa between the purification zone and the outdoors.
  6. Special Cases: In certain situations, like pharmaceutical and optical manufacturing processes in small areas, central air-conditioning with medium-efficiency filters and fans may be used to achieve specific air quality levels.

Cost Analysis: Saving Big on Low-Cost Clean Rooms

The cost-effectiveness of low-cost clean rooms primarily lies in the affordability of central and split air conditioning and related construction. For instance, using 15 to 20 split air conditioners is approximately 40-60% cheaper than opting for water-cooled cabinets, cooling towers, and extensive piping. Split air conditioners are also well-suited for industries prioritizing personnel comfort over complex temperature requirements.

Note: Low-cost clean rooms are designed for environments where constant temperature and humidity control are not essential, and staff comfort is the primary concern. For applications demanding precise conditions like temperature stability, humidity control, sterilization, or production dust recycling, a central purification air conditioner should be considered.

In practical construction, understanding the technical requirements of your products and establishing the most suitable design scheme is crucial. Customers should clarify their fundamental requirements to ensure a successful cleanroom project.

Conclusion: Affordable Cleanliness, Maximum Efficiency

The notion that cleanrooms are synonymous with high costs is no longer valid. With a well-thought-out low-cost cleanroom design and construction approach, you can enjoy the benefits of a controlled environment without stretching your budget. It’s a revolution in cleanroom accessibility, and your manufacturing processes will thank you for it.


1. Can low-cost clean rooms meet constant temperature and humidity requirements?
Low-cost clean rooms are primarily designed for applications prioritizing staff comfort and where strict control over temperature and humidity is not a necessity. For precise conditions, consider a central purification air conditioner.

2. What are the size limits for low-cost clean rooms?
Low-cost clean rooms are most suitable for areas under 100 square meters, with a maximum limit of 600 square meters.

3. Are low-cost clean rooms suitable for laboratories and manufacturing processes?
Yes, low-cost clean rooms find application in laboratories, analytical spaces, and select manufacturing processes, such as those in electronics, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical factories.

4. How do I determine the number of split air conditioners required for my clean room?
The number of split air conditioners depends on the clean room’s size and the number of occupants. Consult with a professional to determine the optimal configuration.

5. What should customers keep in mind when considering a low-cost clean room?
Customers should clearly define their basic requirements and understand the technical specifications of their products to ensure a successful cleanroom project.

For further inquiries or to explore how low-cost clean rooms can benefit your specific needs, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website here.

Note: While low-cost clean rooms are cost-effective, they may not meet the specifications required for certain applications, such as stringent microbial control. Always choose the right cleanroom solution for your specific needs.

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