Best Fan Filter Units in 2023

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Best Fan Filter Units in 2023

Fan filter units (FFUs) play a crucial role in maintaining clean and controlled environments, especially in critical settings like cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. The year 2023 has seen remarkable advancements in FFU technology, with several brands leading the market through innovation and quality. This article will explore the best fan filter units of 2023, focusing on their brand-specific features and applications.

Price Industries Fan Filter Units

Price Industries offers an energy-efficient line of fan filter units, designed for use in cleanrooms, pharmacies, and laboratories. Their FFUs deliver high volumes of HEPA or ULPA filtered air at low sound levels while reducing energy consumption by 15 to 50% compared to similar products. Key features include:

  • High Airflow Capacity
  • Versatile Motor Programs
  • Seismic Certification Preapproval
  • Quick and Easy Commissioning via Aerosol Challenge
  • BACnet for Complete Control and Monitoring
  • Optional Integrated LED Lighting​​.

Camfil Fan Filter Units

Camfil’s fan filter units are known for their flexibility and economic value, especially in removing particles from recirculated air in turbulent or unidirectional ventilated cleanrooms. These stand-alone units with integrated HEPA-filter and control systems are particularly suited for life-science, food-and-beverage, and microelectronic industries. Camfil’s Pharmaseal Fan/Filter Ceiling Module, for example, features innovative internal baffles for uniform airflow and a proprietary aerosol injection system for filter certification​​.

Clean Air Products Fan Filter Units

Clean Air Products specializes in producing self-contained cleanroom fan filter units utilizing HEPA or ULPA filters. They offer a full line of standard and custom FFUs, adaptable for Class 100,000 to Class 10 cleanrooms. Their products include the CAP119 Motorized Ceiling Fan Filter Unit, known for its energy efficiency and suitability for limited overhead space, and the CAP116 Fan Filter, designed for easy servicing and flexible installation​​​​​​.

Terra Universal, Inc.

Terra Universal, Inc. provides a wide range of FFU designs for various applications including cleanrooms, laminar flow hoods, containment enclosures, and gloveboxes. They offer 578 products with different ISO ratings, voltages, materials, and features, emphasizing their commitment to versatility and customization for specific application needs​​.

Applications and Configurations

FFUs are typically used in environments where high air change rates and ultraclean conditions are necessary. Common applications include hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical compounding areas, and microelectronics manufacturing. These units come in various sizes and are often installed within the ceiling structure of cleanrooms for maximum efficiency​​.

Technological Advancements in FFUs

Recent advancements in FFU technology include:

  • Enhanced motor types, such as electronically commutated motors (ECM), which are more efficient and offer programmable features​​.
  • Wheel/Blower types, with options like forward curved wheels for standard applications and backward curved wheels for higher energy efficiency​​.
  • Various flow directions, with supply flow being the most common, and optional exhaust/reverse flow units for specific requirements​​.

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