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Essential Cleanroom Gowning Protocols and Contamination Prevention Strategies

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Essential Cleanroom Gowning Protocols and Contamination Prevention Strategies

Cleanrooms are critical environments where the utmost care must be taken to prevent contamination. In this article, we’ll take you through the essential cleanroom gowning procedures, gowning order, and instructions to maintain the integrity of your cleanroom. We’ll also delve into the sources of cleanroom contamination and the importance of gowning room design. Let’s get started!


Cleanrooms play a pivotal role in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and aerospace, where even microscopic particles can lead to product defects or compromise research outcomes. To maintain the stringent cleanliness standards of cleanrooms, it’s vital to establish and adhere to proper gowning procedures.

Sources of Cleanroom Contamination

Human Contaminants

One of the primary sources of cleanroom contamination is humans themselves. Billions of microscopic particles can easily be shed from our skin, hair, or clothing. Skipping steps in the gowning process or wearing unsuitable attire can quickly lead to contaminated work areas.

Unsuitable Furniture

Furniture with hard-to-clean pockets and crevices is another common source of contamination. For instance, Terra’s BioSafe furniture is designed with rounded corners for easy cleaning, open surfaces to promote laminar airflow, and no cracks or crevices where microbes can gather.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized equipment can provide additional safeguards against contamination. Automatic doors prevent staff from touching handles, sticky flooring protects against wheel-borne contaminants, and ISO-rated BioSafe carts comply with strict cleanroom requirements.

Gowning Room Design & Classification

Cleanrooms are classified based on the number of particles per cubic foot of air, as determined by the International Standards Organization (ISO). ISO 3 denotes the cleanest environment with only one particle per cubic foot, while ISO 8 allows 10,000 particles per cubic foot. Gowning room design varies depending on the cleanroom’s ISO classification.

Gowning Room Furniture Specifications

BioSafe Cleanroom Furniture

Terra’s BioSafe Furnishings are designed with cleanliness in mind. They feature rounded corners for easy cleaning, open surfaces for laminar airflow, and no crevices for microbe accumulation. These furnishings are ideal for maintaining a pristine cleanroom environment.

Gowning Platforms & Lean Rails

Gowning platforms explicitly demarcate clean and dirty areas. Terra’s modular benches create clear zones for gowning. Designs like horseshoe and oval shapes are common for busy gowning areas.

Gowning Mirrors

Dual-sided mirrors with frameless construction and stainless steel bases simplify cleaning and self-checks. They are a crucial addition to any gowning room.

Gowning Room Dispensers

Terra offers wall-mounted and free-standing dispensers for gloves, liners, and other disposable personal protective equipment (PPE). Streamlined gowning starts here.

Cleanroom Gown Storage Cabinets

Cleanroom garment cabinets include chambers for frocks and coveralls, as well as shelves for hoods, masks, and supplies. Some models come with HEPA filtration to maintain low-particulate conditions.

Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers

Pass-through chambers limit entry and exit, reducing foot traffic and minimizing contamination risk. They are a vital component of gowning room design.

Automatic Cleanroom Shoe Cleaning Machines

Terra’s shoe cleaning machines remove particles from deep inside shoe seams. Placed at gowning room entrances, they complement sticky mats in keeping contaminants at bay.

Free-Standing BioSafe Bootie Racks

Bootie racks with crevice-free designs and stainless steel construction are ideal for cleanroom gowning areas. They resist biocides and do not produce contaminants during sterilization.

BioSafe Stainless Steel Crash Rails

Stainless steel safety guard rails protect sensitive areas inside and outside cleanrooms. Their robust design offers exceptional protection against impact, moisture, and UV rays.

Step By Step Non-Sterile Cleanroom Gowning

Principles for Preventing Contamination During Cleanroom Gowning

  1. Keep Clean Surfaces Clean: Avoid contact between clean surfaces and dirty ones.
  2. Garment Handling: Keep garments away from dirty surfaces and the floor.
  3. Hand Hygiene: Wash hands before touching clean garments.
  4. Top-to-Bottom Gowning: Start gowning from the top and work down.

The Gowning Procedure

  1. Preparation: Remove makeup, personal items, and street shoes.
  2. Shoe Covers: Don shoe covers.
  3. Hand Hygiene: Wash and dry hands using a no-touch station.
  4. Glove and Gown: Don gloves and gown hood, coverall, and cleanroom boots or shoes.
  5. Eye Protection: Don goggles if required.
  6. Final Check: Perform a final self-check before entering the cleanroom.


Maintaining cleanroom integrity is paramount in industries where contamination can have severe consequences. Proper gowning procedures, suitable furniture, and specialized equipment are essential components in ensuring a clean and controlled environment.


What is the purpose of ISO Cleanroom Classification?

ISO Cleanroom Classification defines the cleanliness level of a cleanroom based on particle count per cubic foot. It helps standardize cleanroom design and operation.

Why is gowning room design important in cleanrooms?

Gowning room design ensures proper separation between clean and dirty areas, reducing contamination risk.

How can specialized equipment help prevent contamination?

Specialized equipment like automatic doors and cleanroom carts reduce the chances of contamination by minimizing human contact and controlling particle influx.

What are the key principles for preventing contamination during gowning?

Key principles include keeping clean surfaces clean, proper garment handling, hand hygiene, and starting gowning from the top down.

Why are BioSafe furnishings a good choice for cleanrooms?

BioSafe furnishings from Terra feature design elements that prevent microbe accumulation and promote a clean environment, making them an excellent choice for cleanrooms.


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